The Answers, Clarity, Guidance and Solutions You Seek

Lynn Rene MacDonald is a highly gifted Spiritual Channel who has helped thousands of people from around the country find the answers, clarity, guidance and solutions they needed – and she can do the same for you!

Lynn works with a wide variety of clients from all walks of life including those with mental and physical illnesses, addiction issues, traumas and spiritual unwellness.

If your pet is having an issue related to emotional or medical concerns, problem behaviors or past trauma, Lynn can assist your animal companion too.

A Reading or Session with Lynn can be a powerful and life-changing experience! You can trust her to be an honest and ethical professional because Lynn is guided by Spirit and works exclusively with God/Love Energy/Christ Consciousness. Everything discussed during your appointment is 100% confidential.

Choose from These Beneficial Offerings

 Psychic Readings  Mediumship Sessions  Medical Intuitive Readings
 Master Soul Clearer Sessions  Spirit Life Guide Sessions  Master of Universal Law Sessions

Lynn Can Help You: Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions, Find Solutions to Your Greatest Challenges, Connect with Deceased Loved Ones, Release Painful Emotions, Gain Insight About What is Adversely Affecting You, Understand the Root Cause of an Illness, Release Blockages on Every Level, Obtain a Greater Understanding of Yourself, Learn About Love Energy/Christ Consciousness, and More.

In addition to personal Readings and Sessions, Lynn also travels the country teaching and lecturing as well as participating in holistic, spiritual, psychic and healing events and expos.

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